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GMG Program Series Daring to Grow™ Business Mastery for Coaches

9 month real world business building program for coaches currently coaching ortransitioning to Coaching

Have you ever get to the point where you looked around and said enough is enough and that something must be done? That is what prompted this program.

The GMG Daring to Grow Program Series™ offers coaches a program designed specifically to build a profitable coaching practice.


4 out of 5 small businesses in the United States fail within 36 months

Coaching practices fall into the category of small businesses.

The majority of professional coaches are barely earning a living doing what they love.

Small Business Survival Rates

Small Business Openings & Closings:There were 671,800 new businesses, and 544,800* business closures.

Two-thirds of new employer firms survive at least two years, and about 44% survive at least four.

Findings do not differ greatly across industry sectors.

*Not all closures were due to bankruptcies.
Sources: U.S. Small Business Administration, June 2006.
Survival and Longevity in the Business Employment Dynamics Database, Monthly Labor Review, May 2005. Redefining Business Success: Distinguishing Between Closure and Failure, Small Business Economics, August 2003.

Is this program for me?

This program is for you if you answer yes to one or more of the following:

  • You are earning less than six figures coaching
  • You have not been successful even struggling at building or keeping a full coaching practice.
  • You question whether you can be a full time coach.
  • You are incurring debt each month.
  • You are open and willing to make more than a living doing what you enjoy
  • You know you have what it takes and it has not happened for you yet
  • You are in the process or planning of transitioning to coaching professional
  • You have invested your money time and energy in coaching training and personal development.
  • You know you can coach and you want to coach and you still need to learn about working for yourself and/or starting a professional service business
  • You are committed to fulfilling your desire to be a successful coach in all areas including financial.

The DTG Program Series Daring to Grow is NOT...

  • NOT a networking program
  • NOT a marketing program
  • NOT fluffy
  • NOT about anyone, other than you
  • NOT a band aid

The DTG Program Series Daring to Grow IS...

  • IS a program that works with and provides knowledge, tools and strategies you so you are not one of the 80% of small business owners who fail. You are in the 20%. YOU SUCCEED.
  • IS a program based upon a coach approach. It is not a coaching program, although once a month all participants will have an opportunity to be coached.
  • IS a program that brings in guest speakers monthly. The speakers are some of the most successful business men and women in the world. They are not hopefuls who are trying. They have walked the walk. They are from many industry sectors. Men and women who have built multimillion dollar companies. The speakers are men and women who have produced real world consistent results.
  • IS a program that is designed for those who desire more and are open and willing to learn and implement.
  • IS a program designed for coaches.
  • IS a program for those who plan to transition to coaching.
  • IS a program for those who enjoy being part of a happy, successful and committed community.
  • IS a program for those who want to bring in more income.
  • IS for coaches who are ready to do the work.
  • IS a program for coaches who are ready and willing to have a successful coaching practice, beyond the client results.
  • IS a program for those who are committed to living a great life.
  • IS a program for all coaches in all niches. Coaches who work with individuals or groups, personal or professional, spiritual to corporate.

Bottom Line…

If you are a great coach, it does not mean that you can earn more than a basic living coaching.

Being a great coach does not even ensure that you will be able to pay your bills from your coaching practice. A great chef may open a restaurant that will fail and close its doors within a year and it has nothing to do with the chef's ability to prepare delicious cuisine. It deals with the business of being a chef and having a restaurant. With the exception of a disparity of overhead and the delivery of the coaching, there is no difference. Being really good at what you do does not ensure you will make a living or more than a living doing it.

This program was designed so that you have the choice to have a thriving profitable coaching practice.

Does this sound dramatic or intense? It is not.

For over 20 years my company has worked with thousands to build successful and profitable businesses.

We are one of the best at what we do. We know what works.

We know what does not work. We do what works.

It makes me heartsick when I talk with coaches who make such a difference for so many and have more month than money. You would not try to bake a cake for the first time without a recipe and yet there is an expectation that you can build a successful profitable practice without understanding the fundamentals of business.

It takes more than knowing attraction principles or a basic website to create and enjoy a sustainable and profitable coaching practice that grows and flourishes.

If you have an interest in registering for or receiving more information about this real world results program designed specifically for Coaches who are ready to make more than a living...

Basic Information:

  • The Growth Management Group LLC has invested over a quarter of a million dollars in program beta testing; development and design.
  • The program is delivered via teleconference call for 9 months.
  • Each program group is limited to a maximum of fifteen participants.
  • The last week of the month is an open coaching forum where participants are coached.
  • Program materials are included and there are assignments weekly.
  • Guest speakers are scheduled monthly.
  • There is an application process and interview.

The program tuition is 129 USD ($) a month for 9 months or 999 USD ($) as one payment for the entire program. One payment for the entire program gifts the participant a month with no charge, a savings of 161 USD ($).


Simple next step is to take the simple, quick and decisive action contact us.

Those who participate will be in a very different space for 2010.

Where will you be?

What will be the catalyst for your coaching practice to be extremely profitable?

Please contact us the program really is that good.

Click here to register

For more information please click here to email us