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GMG Program Series Daring to Grow Express™ My Magnificent Life

The GMG Program Series Daring to Grow™ My Magnificent Life is a program for personal and professional growth, development and achievement: it is a program that literally supports you in fulfilling what you desire and creates a strong foundation to support your accomplishments. It is about your living a life by design and not default. This program is all about you; your fulfillment, your desires, your accomplishments, your happiness.

Definition excerpt Magnificent (Merriam- Webster)

“…beautiful …impressive to the mind or spirit …exceptionally fine…”

Isn't it your time? Isn't it your turn?

Is it for me?

If you answered yes to one or more of the following, this program is for you now!

  • I am truly interested in growth and development
  • I know now is my time
  • I am new to coaching programs
  • I have worked with coaches in the past
  • I need a jumpstart
  • I am ready to make a change
  • I want balance
  • I am stuck and no longer willing to tolerate it
  • I am scattered
  • I need clarity
  • I want a structure for accountability
  • I am struggling to keep focused on what is important to me
  • I am overcommitted and overwhelmed
  • I know what I want and have not yet achieved it
  • I do not know what I want
  • I do need support now
  • I am looking for grounding in dealing with turbulent times
  • I am completely stressed about finances
  • I am making life changes
  • I am bored and tired of being bored
  • I want clarity and direction
  • I am willing to have what I really want
  • I am a lifelong learner
  • I am stressed
  • I want to have fun
  • It is my turn

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Program Basics

Groups are comprised of a maximum of 10 participants and a GMG Program Series Daring to Grow ™ Coach and are held via conference call. The calls are held weekly on the same day and time. The program is 6 months. The program rate including all materials is only 79 USD ($) per month. Upon registration you will be contacted by a member of the GMG Client Care Team who will go over your registration form, the program agreements and schedule your individual pre-program goal setting session and individual post-program completion call with your program Coach.

Each participant is also gifted a membership for the full duration of the program for GMG In The Know™. In The Know™ is a global host program that interviews Experts from all over the world on a variety of topics. It is educational, motivational, inspirational, and relevant.

The GMG Program Series Daring to Grow™ Design Team, GMG Client Care Team and the GMG Coaches and Program Leaders are committed that you receive incredible value and that you are delighted you participated in GMG Program Series Daring to Grow ™ My Magnificent Life.

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What have participants gained from the program?

The GMG Program Daring to Grow™ My Magnificent Life literally has transformed the lives of women all over North America in a broad spectrum of areas including career, finances/money, relationships, stress (reduced), happiness (increased), purpose, organization (de-cluttered), fun, weight loss, balance, confidence and self care to name just a few areas of accomplishments.

Imagine having a trained coach focused on supporting you in designing and fulfilling on the life that you truly want? Imagine living by design and not be default. This is more than wistful thinking or a good idea: this is where the GMG Program Series Daring to Grow™ My Magnificent Life goes to work.

This program is not a one time wonder; it was developed based on proven foundational theory to support you in creating and achieving. It is about your growth and development and taking areas of your life where you are less than satisfied and altering it in reality so you are proud, engaged and inspired: such as physical environment, health & well being, career, money/finances and relationships. You can also expect life to get simpler and experience less stress. You will discover that you expect more of others and yourself in a healthy way. The program provides proven practical strategies for achieving extraordinary results in both your personal and professional life. Why wait for someday?

The GMG Program Series Daring to GrowTM My Magnificent Life

It is a Smart Choice.

Isn't it your turn?

Click here to register

For more information click here to email us or call 800-804-0461.

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The GMG Program Series Daring to Grow ExpressTM
My Magnificent Life

Our clients simply wanted more.

The program was designed as an expansion of The GMG Program Series Daring to Grow™ Express. Very simple our clients wanted more. Our clients who participated in the 6 week express program wanted a longer program and those who prefer groups and programs to private coaching requested time and time again that Jennifer Sabin (Founder, Managing Partner & Creative Lead for the GMG Development Team) do something about it. Again busy and committed women expressed a critical and urgent need for a simple structure over a six month period which would provide excellent value and a catalyst for significant results. In true GMG style the pilot program was soon tested and refined. Results were monitored and the recent public release has been a resounding success for participants and GMG.

GMG Program Series Daring to Grow ™ has supported women all over the country ages 30 to 72 years young. Program participant’s included married, divorced and single women whose daily activities included every walk of life from home based Mothers raising children, Retirees, Alternative Health Care Providers, Corporate Executives (CFO’s, /CEO’s), Professional Support Staff, Retail Professionals, Service Professionals including Attorneys, Accountants, Coaches, Caterers, Business Owners/Entrepreneurs, and women Searching or in Transition.

The GMG Program Daring to Grow ™ My Magnificent Life literally has transformed the lives of woman all over in a broad spectrum of areas including career, finances/money, relationships, organization, stress (reduced), happiness (increased), purpose, fun, weight loss and balance to name just a few areas of accomplishment.

We encourage you to register and share this with someone you care about, professionally and/or personally. It is a smart thing to do for you and for a friend.

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Click here to register

Our GMG Client Care Team is ready to answer your questions at 1-800-804-0461 or click here to email us.

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